African City Energy
African City Energy

Both spatial planning and development planning practices in municipalities are critical for energy efficient, low carbon futures. Sensible spatial planning is a precondition for sustainable transport, while placing appropriate conditions on building developments can support energy efficiency greatly.


Tools and Guidelines



  • THE STATE OF AFRICAN CITIES 2014 Re-imagining sustainable urban transitions

    This report analyses the emerging challenges and risks to which urban and rural Africa are being exposed with a view to facilitating discussions at regional, national and local levels on how best to address the challenges ahead and apply solutions that are innovative, location-specific and effective.

  • Urbanization and Industrialization for Africa’s Transformation

    The report provides a strategic policy framework anchored in national development planning to enable African countries to harness urbanization for industrialization and also draws on specific country experiences in Africa illustrating the need for much more concerted efforts to address the disconnects between urban and industrial development (United Nations economic commission for Africa, 2017).






Case studies